Services offered

Our Executive Consultants Offer A Wide Range of Services


  • Residential 
  • Commercial 

Credit Scores & Reports

  • How To Get A Good Credit Score
  • How To Maintain Good Credit

   Legal Information

  • General Legal Information 
  • Small Claims Court
  • Self-Represented Litigants

Wholesalle & Retail

  • Experience In Buying And Selling Over 1000 Products


  • Check Vehicle History Including  Accidents and Liens


  • Advice on Pursuing Law School in the Canada, US, UK or Australia

 New Immigrants

  • Mortgages for New Immigrants

Business Card Creation

  • Assistance With Creating a Business Card  For Your Business

Incorporating a Provincial or federal corporation

  • Assistance With Retrieving A Nuans Name Search Report
  • Assistance With Incorporating A Business  Both At The Provincial and Federal Level

 Event Planning & Management

  • Organizing and Planning Events 

  Real Estate

  • Lien and Title Search